So, nowadays a lot of couple wanted to take their wedding photos oversea because they think oversea will be nicer. But, they are wrong.

There are a lot of historical building which photographer can actually take a shot that similar to oversea. The building can bring out ancient feeling. And also, the building are not only for couple to take wedding shot, there also welcomed tourist to the places to visit.

The building was located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The places was visited by a lot of foreign tourists. The view was so nice during night. It will be lighten up and you can take as many as photos you want. So, this is one of the places that couples can consider to take their wedding picture at.

Others than that, the places still got a lot of people riding around there. Because the traffic there is low, so riding at ther will be a good choice. And also, riding around Kuala Lumpur is a good experience as you can see the different building like KLCC, KL Tower. All the buildings are just nice. Travel is to experience the places, to understand it and to feel it. Many people are not interested with the historical things. But once you loved it, and you will visit the historical places for your next trip for sure!

Historical places is just good to visit and explore, we hope you guys love it also!

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