So, what is so interesting about the rock and the stones? There’s a little bunch of people will love the places.

Visit some rock and stones, how many of you will first come to your mind when you travel? I can guess there’s 1 out of 10. Why? Because I am also 9 of the 10, previously I can’t find what so interesting about the places. But then, after I travel once, and I love it.

The places you may think not nice from the outer part. But don’t judge the book by its cover. You have to walk in and view it. You will have a lot of nice photos from different angle. This is the place, Petra. Many people would visit this place to have a look of this scenery.

There’s day and night view of Petra. Two totally different feeling and view, but both are super nice! You will regret if you don’t love this! Even me myself also get addicted to it, and now I m looking forward to other similar place like this. I can have a lot of photos. I recommend a lot of my friends to this places and they love it very much and they started to like to discover such places.

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