Last week, I invited some of my friends to have a small visit to the Angeles National Forest known as Devil’s Punchbowl.

We all get ready and met up at a middle point and depart to the places. We bring some foods, snacks, camp as well cause we will be overnight there. During the night stay, we really can feel the nature, fresh air. The feeling is totally different from the city.

I still remember the next morning when we wake up, the fresh air I have never ever felt it. It was so so so fresh! The place is so silent, and we can hear the insect sound. This is the main purpose of this trip. We wanted to release some stress and get out from the city to feel this freshness air and view.

Then, we had some bread and coffee there. We eating and chitchatting about our future, this trip make us become closeer and closer. I prefer this type of travel than a hectic schedule travel. This relax trip make us feel without stress and we can chilled. Then, we went to take some pictures with the best view and pose as many as we can. The whole journey was so fun, we can only hear our laughter. But then, time flies, we have to call it stop as we have to head back to the busy city as all of us have to work the next day. Along the back journey, we stopped by at a mini market and bought something back. This trip even though was short enough, but I feel differently and I am fully charged to face the challenges in my work and also life!

Although it was tiring but a lot of fun, travel with the right person makes the whole trip perfect. We will definitely go to the other similar places soon!

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