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17-28.2.63 Send your Mail During Daytime, Don't Wait for the Evening (used in 20 cities)

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  Philately and Post\Post Delivery
  Israel Settlements\Jerusalem
  Israel Settlements\Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  Israel Settlements\Haifa
  Israel Settlements\Ashkelon
  Israel Settlements\Be'er Sheva
  Israel Settlements\Bnei Brak
  Israel Settlements\Giv'atayim
  Israel Settlements\Herzliya
  Israel Settlements\Hadera
  Israel Settlements\Holon
  Israel Settlements\Tiberias
  Israel Settlements\Nahariya
  Israel Settlements\Netanya
  Israel Settlements\Acre
  Israel Settlements\Afula
  Israel Settlements\Petah Tikva
  Israel Settlements\Rishon LeZion
  Israel Settlements\Rehovot
  Israel Settlements\Ramla
  Israel Settlements\Ramat Gan