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HARE YHUDA - 15.1.51 (Mobile Post Decorated Cancel)

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  Philately and Post\Mobile Post
  Israel Settlements\Ein Naqquba
  Israel Settlements\Beit Zayit
  Israel Settlements\Mevaseret Zion
  Israel Settlements\Maoz Zion
  Israel Settlements\Ein Rafa
  Israel Settlements\Beit Nekofa
  Israel Settlements\Kiryat Anavim
  Israel Settlements\Ma'ale HaHamisha
  Israel Settlements\Nataf
  Israel Settlements\Kiryat Ye'arim
  Israel Settlements\Abu Ghosh
  Israel Settlements\Neve Ilan
  Israel Settlements\Yad HaShmona
  Israel Settlements\Sho'eva
  Israel Settlements\Shoresh
  Israel Settlements\Beit Meir
  Israel Settlements\Tzova
  Israel Settlements\Even Sapir
  Israel Settlements\Ora
  Israel Settlements\Aminadav