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Bait-Tov is not just a store name, its far more.

We exist since 1995, the goal we put on our minds is to bring the youth as close as possible to this educating topic.

We know that this task isnt easy, since its natural that there is a separation from stamp collecting as the world becomes smaller

in the media aspect and the fact that one can embrace every corner of the world, distant, as is it, making the experience less

thrilling than before. However, what about the historical aspect?

When the first stamp first saw light back in 1840, the world was dominated by 6 colonial powers: British, Portuguese, Spanish,

Dutch, French and Belgian.

Isnt this enough exciting to start stirring the past with our fingers and looking in geographical and historical atlases?


Nowadays, young stamp collectors collect stamps according to themes, which is a new approach to stamp collecting.

Furthermore, as the days pass you can find more and more Thematic catalogues e.g. Disney, Cats, Dogs, Flowers, Autos etc.


The two methods of collecting (by theme and by country) can both be very fascinating and educating.

Choosing themes to collect by is a matter of personal taste, while in choosing countries to collect we recommend the British

colonies (and Great Britain itself) up to the time of their Independence, most of which are in the early 60s. Since the origin of

stamp collecting came from Great Britain, it was they who first designed the connection between royalty and nature scenery

and lifestyles in the different colonies.

Needless to say, as most beginners do, we must collect our own stamps.

Going on, next on our stamp collecting order recommendations are the countries of the former Western Europe, United States, the

rest of the colonies such as: Portuguese colonies, French colonies, Dutch colonies, Spanish colonies and Belgian colonies and

then, the rest of the countries. In the United States, most stamp collectors collect their own stamps and afterwards the British



You can collect used or mint stamps. We will always recommend on the used stamps, although usually less valuable, because the

sole reason that stamp collecting is about the constant search to complete sets from stamps that had already done their job and

brought their consignment to their destinations. When you buy a new stamp set in the post office, its collecting purposes are done.

Furthermore, theres always the concern of stamp preservation, especially in humid places. Used stamps can be washed without

causing damage by doing the following buy denture-cleaning tablets in a pharmacy (for example: Kukident). Put a quarter tablet in

small water filled bowl. Wait until the tablet dissolves and leaves a blue thick solution. Place the stamps one at a time and wait for

15 minutes. Pick up the stamps and wash them a few times, then dry the stamps (when facing down on a paper towel).

Collecting and broadening your collection is possible by exchanging with other collectors. You can sign up at a Danish site called

trade and insert your stamps so that others might see what you offer. It is occasionally acceptable to buy a package as a present.


Our store is only virtual, however, you can meet us occasionally on stamp exhibitions. If youre interested in seeing us from several

exhibitions, click here for photos.

We would like to thank all of those who come and meet us and create the celebration, which is also our living. Furthermore, we can

add that each of us has he/shes own job and stamp Collecting is only a secondary job. This is also a part of what makes this

business so special and unique.


We emphasize on a stamp variety no store can complete with.

You can get Israeli stamps based on yearly calendars, exceptional issues, singles and FDCs.

All Palestinian Authority stamps.

You can get international stamp packets, from nearly all countries, each country separately.

You can get international stamps according to groups, such as: continents, empires, colonies, periods and more.

You can get mixed international stamps (up to 50,000 different stamps).

You can get a packet, which contains one representative stamp from each country. (For example: from 200 countries).

You can get all Disney stamps in complete sets and sheets.

Full Mint Topicals sets.

Cool stamps for pleasure not as investment.

You can get stamps according to all popular subjects as well as intentionally bizarre subjects (for beginners interest),

such as:

Stamps in shapes of rounds, triangles, diagonals, huge, imperforated, bizarre shapes etc.

Stamps, which are imprinted on gold and silver foils.

3D stamps.

Singers and movie actor stamps.


We are the only online stamp store in Israel where you can order stamps and other accessories online and pay via Credit Card

(from a secure server). This fact increases the number of beginner Collectors, since a child who will first lay his eyes on the store,

will surely call out his parents and ask for them, which might lead to (a small, but existent chance) them buying him the stamps he

wanted as a holiday or birthday present.


The merchandise isnt unavailable to view, since the packets method cant allow that, although, we do have an obligation to our

customers that the same stamp amount exists, all the stamps are different and in good condition. In case you intend on continue

collecting stamps, its always recommended to buy the biggest packet in a specific Theme or Country and not a large number of

packets in small amounts to avoid spending more money in the future. Next are recommendations for use of different accessories

which, of course, can be bought in stores, however, we can offer them to you in competitive prices and shipment to your house

without any fees (valid only in Israel).


Stamp collecting dictates the use of these basic accessories:

Albums stamp albums exist from different brands. We recommend those, which have black backgrounds and transparent stripes.

One of the best brands is a Dutch company called Importa who has the largest albums (10 stripes instead of a usual 9)

See Product. Their size is standard with A varying width: 8 pages fit to 1000 stamps, 16 fit to 2000 stamps, 24 fit to

3000 and 32 fit to 4000 stamps. Beginners are recommended to use 8 to 16 Page albums experts are recommended to

use 32 page albums. The prices of 32 page albums are around 140-180 NIS.

Countries collectors recommend using Flags stickers See Product and Coats of Arms See Product.

Tweezers It is best to handle stamps with tweezers rather your hands, especially mint stamps. They are also a lot more

comfortable one you get used to it. There are many shapes to these tweezers, however, most have a broad oval end to

them. Their prices are around 10-15 NIS we have one shape See Product (10).

Magnifying Glass Even those who see 6/6 might need a magnifying glass. The recommend glass is one, which has

2 magnification resolutions. The higher magnification Lens (which appear as a smaller circle inside the large lens) enables

you to see the year, which is usually written, in the lower part of the stamp we have one type See Product (8).

Catalogues Since most of us collect our own stamps, the only Hebrew catalogue, which includes stamp value, is Carmel. The

Catalogue shows all the stamps in color and its price is usually 220 NIS. As of today, the last issue of this catalogue

is 2017.

You can purchase an official catalogue of Israeli stamps in every post office. This catalogue is the source of reference for all

other catalogues, being an official catalogue; it doesnt contain any market prices.

There is a new site of the Israel Philatelic Federation where you can find a detailed Israeli stamp catalogue and also

includes market prices and other useful Information See it here.

If you are a more serious collector and you collect all the countries but not professionally (meaning you pay no attention to

little differences such as watermarks, perforation, paper types, etc) we recommend the English catalogue

Stanley Gibbons which has 6 volumes of the entire world stamps in colors as of 2018 View Product.

Literature Everyone who is interested in stamp collecting must have some kind of literature, which is the foundation to

understanding the subject and the terminology. Fortunately in 2008 a book was issued in Hebrew

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Philatelic and Postal terms. We can recommend an English book See Product which was written

by the American Philatelic Society. On the Internet, there is a nice site for children called BNAPS, which is good for beginners.

The history of postal services, the geographical, the social and national of every being who ever made stamps can be seen

in the World Stamps Atlas Which was translated and published by Carta. Unfortunately the atlas is out of stock, but

something very similar can found at the website Sandafayre.

Another book that you should have in hand is about identifying stamps. There are many simple stamps that, without initial

knowledge cannot be identified. The book we recommend See Product contains in the first half an index of all the

inscriptions that might appear and theirs belong. In the second half of the book there are pictures of stamps that dont

contain any writings or writings in an unfamiliar language. The book is in English, although the language is irrelevant.

On the Internet they are few sites who has identify list but no one has search engine like we do Identifier, to compare, look

for example a site by C. Cavers.


For advanced stamp collecting you would require more accessories:

Perforation Gauge Stamps differ also in Perforation. The catalog zed is done in 2 digits. The first digit represents the number of

punctures (teeth) in the upper and lower that fit in 2 centimeters, while the second digit represents the same as the first

one, only about the sides of the stamp. The Perforation Gauge looks like a ruler, made Out of cardboard or plastic and

contains many notches to measure the Perforation.

Watermark Detector Stamps also differ in watermarks. In the first few decades of stamp history a paper with a watermark was

used by most countries to detect forgeries. There are examples that one stamp can allegedly be worth thousands of times

more than that same stamp, when the only things that is different is their watermark. The catalogues show these

watermarks. In order to see them, there are a lot of means available in the market today, some are electronic which are

very expensive (around 800 NIS), some require the use of chemicals (which doesnt add to a stamps health). The

Watermark Detector which we and the American Philatelic Society recommend (See Recommendation by APS) is called

Roll-A-Tector from the brand Morley-Bright (See Product). The thing that makes this product stand out from the rest is the

fact that it doesnt require the use of chemicals and batteries and that it can show watermarks on stamps that are still

attached to the envelope. It also saves the mark and shows it on the right and left side until its needed to be deleted for the

next use.

Catalogues Here, everyone is used to his catalogue, theres no doubt that the German catalogue Michel is the most popular

since it has all the pictures in it. It is split into many volumes and is very expensive. If youre interested in low spendthrift

and still get the entire world, the 6 volumes American Scott catalogue is the best Solution for you. It is updated as of

today to the year 2018. in colors See Product.

Hawids Stripes made out of polystyrene, which help keep the stamp from environmental damages. It is most important to use

them for mint stamps and sheets, or when collecting the stamps on pages. If you use them frequently, invest a little more

and use a guillotine instead of scissors. The stripes are supplied in 30 gr. Per bag. Their length is fixed (21 or 26.5cm.).

They can be ordered in varying heights, from 21mm. to 150mm. For sheets there are Stripes wider in various sizes.

Hinges In the past there were no albums with transparent stripes like today, or everyone would make his own album. There were

also paged albums to stick stamps On in designated positions. This system is also appropriate today for heavy collectors

and you can, for a small sum of money, purchase a disk for printing almost all the countries at your own home. You can

find it at Album Pages. If you want this, you would require hinges. Each bag contains 1000 hinges.


We ship the merchandise in registered mail, impressively stamped a day after the order was made (if unavailable we are notifying

immediately). In any case, we bill the account on the Day we ship the merchandise. We dont have ANY disappointed customers;

the service is kind and reliable all the way.


Our site also offers links to a few dozens of the most important sites in the stamp-collecting scene (and everything that might be

relevant as well) with which, you can reach the entire stamp Sites on the Internet.


For the sake of advancing stamp collecting in Israel we have issued on the Internet a Philatelic Atlas, which also includes a stamp

Organizer. The organizer enables every collector to Run and manage his or her own private stamp collection with an option to print

it. Furthermore, it recommends on a collecting order (by countries), it also gives the user the ability to Identify stamps and more.

You must read all Instructions to get the most efficiency from its power.


On April 2002 the first version of the site was finished, which includes updated data up to end of 1999.

On July 2002 the second version was finished, which includes online store and bilingual site.

On December 2009 the Museum was open which mostly include Israeli catalogues.

Toward 2010 Jerusalem Exhibition we added the possibility to search our store by Topics Index.


If you have any comments, recommendations or any other interesting remarks, (also grammatical and a whole kind of mistakes)

write to us at