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Our goal is to bring back the interest in stamp collecting as it was back in the 60's, by bringing the youth to it by using the internet as a tool.

This site includes a Philatelic Atlas, a Stamp Organizer and the Stamp Store.

The Philatelic Atlas allows you to browse through the many countries by moving over the world map and choosing the countries from there. When a country is chosen, a sum-up of the country's information (which includes geographical, historical and stamp related topics) will come up for you to browse. You can then press that country's group and get information about that group. You can listen to the National Anthem by clicking the flag or viewing the detailed map by clicking the symbol. Furthermore, you can go directly to countries related to that country from the "Information" section.

The Stamp Organizer is implemented for those of you who collect stamps as beginner collectors and for advanced collectors, for those who collect stamps based on countries.
What we offer here is:

·  A way to organize your collection by using the Index.

·  Manage, document and track your personal stamp collection online by using My Stamps.

·  Identify stamps by using our Identifier engine.

The organization by Index (Key) is based on groups of countries who have a common influence and inside each of these groups it's organized by geographical location. This way of organization in relative groups make a strong bond between the stamps' character, thus can generate a better value for when you wish to sell your collection. If you don't want to collect all countries, you can choose whichever groups you wish by using the filters.

The Index can be viewed alphabetically for orientation purposes mostly.

If you want to create labels for your volumes, you can use our Label Maker.
The label maker will print 3 kinds of labels for you to use. The first one, to put on the side of the volume, the second to put next to the stamps and the third to use as an index to put as the first page in the volume. The division is made of 94 volume where each volume has 32 pages (up to the end of 1999) and can contain 5000 to 6000 stamps. If you want each stamp to be seen in full, you must double the amount of volumes. For example: to collect the British group of stamps (group A) you would need 23 volumes.

In documenting and managing your collection using My Stamps, you are welcome to Join Us and by doing so, use our website for organization and tracking of your personal collection. The idea is based on stamp data from all around the world (taken from World Stamps), which enables you to add countries from there directly into your "virtual" collection. In the amount column you specify how many REAL stamps you have from that country (ones that show in catalogs) and the right part of shows the number of addendums to that country. You can write your remarks which refer to that country such as: catalog type/page, volume number (in case you don't follow our organizer) or anything else. Issued shows how many stamps were issued up to the specified year.
The % column shows what percentage of that country's stamps you've completed (excluding the addendums), in case the number is higher that the issued number, +++ will be displayed.
After you have finished all of the updates for the new data, click on Update button to save it.
You have the option of marking and deleting rows from your collection, and you can sort (Up/Down) your entire collection based on each title that has yellow arrow signs under it.
You also have the ability, at all times, to filter out the rows to be displayed (group, or volume filtering).
Each country is a hyperlink to that country's information in the Philatelic Atlas.
You can view your collection in pages (default), or if you wish to print or to look at your entire collection, you can display all the records.
Sometimes, Collectors collect stamps up to a certain year. You have the option to refer your collection to a certain year, based on the years displayed here (i.e. until the end of 1990, 1999, etc...).
The best part of this engine is the use of the "History" feature, which enables you to write the number of stamps you have, sorted by groups, in 8 different points in time thus tracking your collection's growth. You also have the ability to manage the time slots (adding, deleting).
NOTE: The sum (% and Amount fields) is done without taking the amount addendums or the countries that are marked as + into account. Total, on the other hand, displays the total including all these exceptions.

The World Stamps feature is used as a reference list, from which all data is taken for the My Stamps engine. This list acts the same as My Stamps, without the ability to edit this list.
This feature also includes all the groups in a list at the top, with links to each of the groups' information pages, as well as, links to each country's Atlas page.
The columns Notes and Hebrew are relevant for Hebrew speaking people.

Stamp identification Identifier can be done in 3 ways:
1. By typing the inscription on the stamp (or a part of it).
2. By stamp picture - this is only for stamps which, without prior knowledge, can't be referenced to any country, meaning either nothing's printed on them, the writings are non-latin (for such countries, only one picture is presented).
3. By browsing through the entire alphabetically sorted inscriptions list.

Clicking on Stamp Store will lead you to our store where you can purchase stamp packets by themes, by countries, Israeli stamps, albums and more, in very competitive prices.
In the site there are also Links to all of the world's stamp-related sites and it is also recommended to read the Tips section in our website.

Stamp Exchange is another feature Bait-Tov offers you for exchanging stamps between collectors. This feature is forum based and every visitor who wants to exchange stamps can enter his/her wanted stamps and offered stamps.

You can also sign in our Guestbook. Every comment for improvement will be willfully accepted.
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