Key: 6110  
Group: exception
Volume: 66
Issued: 1578 Stamps / end of 1999

Area - 28,200; Population - 5,938,000; Capital - Jerusalem
Israel, the ancient 'Holy Land', an independent state in the Middle East, on the
Mediterranean Sea. A developed industrial and agricultural country with highly
developed technology, exporting citrus, textiles, minerals and mainly finished
Formerly PALESTINE, Mandate, part of the Turkish Empire, came under British protection in
1917. In 1923 it was mandated by the League of Nations to Great Britain until
May 14th, 1948 when the Jewish National Council (Peoples Administration)
declared independence as the State of Israel. It was invaded on the next day by
joint armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and the war of 1948
(known as Israel's war of independence) began. In 1949 a cease-fire was signed
with its neighbors, and its boundaries were established.
By this a long lasting dream, almost 2000 years old, to create a Jewish state
for the Jewish people, came true. During the Six Days War of 1967, Israel took
hold of territories in the Sinai peninsula, the West Bank and the Golan Heights,
ever since disputed with its Arab neighbors. Following a Peace Treaty signed
with Egypt in 1979, the Sinai peninsula was returned to Egypt except for the
area of Gaza Strip.
The Madrid Conference in October 1991 led to establish the PALESTINE, Authority,
which includes partly the territories of West Bank and Gaza Strip.
First stamps issued in 1948. Prior to that overprinted stamps were in use for a
short period of time after the closing of British Post Offices (see ISRAEL, Interim Period).
The name of the state, except for the first issue, is always
tri-lingual (Hebrew, Latin and Arabic). A unique feature of the Israeli stamps
are 'tabs' which are usually attached to the last raw of every sheet and contain
various information on the stamps. Direct UPU membership since December 24th,
1949. Annual output about 50.

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Hebrew script

      Postage Due Stamps
      Official Stamps
1000 Mils = 1 Pound
1000 Prutot = 1 Lira (1949)
100 Agorot = 1 Lira (1960)
100 Agorot = 1 Shekel (1980)
100 Agorot = 1 New Shekel (1986)
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