Key: 6560  
Group: Asia
Volume: 75
Issued: 507 Stamps / dead country

Area - 1,302,804; Capital - Hsinking
Formerly territory northeast of China, homeland of the Ming dynasty, last of the
Chinese dynasties, which became a province of CHINA. Overprinted stamps were
issued between 1927-1929 for use in the provinces of Kirin and Heilungkiang
only, as its currency had lower value. These were in use until 1931, when the
whole of Manchuria came under Japanese occupation.
In 1932 the Japanese renamed the whole territory Manchukuo and established it as
a puppet state with Emperor Pu Yi as its head. This lasted until the end of World
War II in 1945, when Japan was defeated. Stamps were issued between 1932-1945.
Since 1934 stamps bore a stylized orchid.
After the war it became the North Eastern Province of China. Between 1946-1948
stamps were issued by the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party), and between 1946-1951
by the Communists (listed in catalogues as North East China).
Between 1946-1950 stamps were also issued for Port Arthur and Dairen, province in
southern Manchuria which was jointly administrated by Russia and China.
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Chinese script overprinted on stamps of China
Chinese script
Chinese script overprinted on stamps of Japan
Chinese script overprinted on stamps of Manchuria

      Kirin and Heilungkiang 1927-1929
      Manchukuo 1932-1945
      North Eastern Provinces 1946-1948
         Military Post Stamps
         Parcels Post Stamps
         Postage Due Stamps
      North East China 1946-1951
         Parcels Post Stamps
      Port Arthur and Dairen 1946-1950
100 Fen = 1 Yuan
100 Cents = 1 Dollar
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