Key: 4020  
Group: Russian
Volume: 42
Issued: 173 Stamps / dead country

Following the Russian revolution several temporary governments were established
in Siberia (huge area between the Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean). From
1919-1920 stamps were issued by Admiral Kolchak`s anti-Bolshevist regime, which
fell in 1920. Following its collapse a White Russian regime came to existence in
the Transbaikal province. Provincial issues followed until the area was
incorporated into the Soviet Union (see RUSSIA, Soviet Union) in 1922.
In 1920 the Communists took over the administration of the Amur province and
later on same year incorporated into the independent Far Eastern Republic which
was established for a short period of time, issuing stamps between 1920-1922. In
1923 stamps were again issued by the Soviet Republic for this area.
In 1921 the Japanese occupied the Siberian Priamur Province and established a
White Russian Government by General Diterichs, which operated against the Red
Army of the Far Eastern Republic. Stamps were issued in 1922, overprints on
stamps of RUSSIA and on stamps of the Far Eastern Republic.
In 1919-1920 stamps were issued by the Czechoslovak Legion Post in Siberia.
The DBP overprint = Dalni Vostochini Respoublika = Far Eastern Republic
The VPP overprint = Vremeno Priamurski Pravitelstvo = Provisional Premiur Govt.
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35 or 50 or 70 or 1P or 3P or 5P surcharged on stamps of Russia
Russian stamps surcharged with new currency
Cyrillic script
DBL overprinted on stamps of Russia
VPP in Cyrillic script overprinted on stamps of Far Eastern Republic
Cyrillic script overprinted on stamps of Russia
A. B. etc... overprinted on stamps of Russia
CESSKJA POCTA overprinted on stamps of Russia

      Admiral Kolchak
      Transbaikal Province
      Far Eastern Republic
         Soviet Republic 1922-1923
      Amur Province
      Priamur and Maritime Provinces
      Czechoslovak Military Post 1918-20
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