Key: 190  
Group: British
Volume: 3
Issued: 339 Stamps / dead country

A term for various British Post Offices throughout MOROCCO, and in the
Spanish Zone, French Zone and International Zone of Tangier. Stamps were issued
between 1898-1957. Prior to that (from 1857) stamps of Great Britain were in use.
Morocco's strategically position as a gateway to Western Europe made it a target
for various European Powers which were looking for a foothold in northern
Africa. British Post Offices in Morocco were administrated by Gibraltar Post
Office until 1906 and used Gibraltar stamps overprinted `MOROCCO AGENCIES`.
Since 1907 Great Britain stamps overprinted `MOROCCO AGENCIES` were in use and
valid also in the Spanish, French and International zones surcharged by local
currency. British P.O. in Tangier used British stamps with the overprint
`Tangier` from 1927. Although Tangier was no longer an international zone in
1956, the British P.O. was closed only in 1957.
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MORROCO AGENCIES overprinted on stamps of Gibraltar
MORROCO AGENCIES overprinted on stamps of Great Britain
TANGIER overprinted on stamps of Great Britain

      'Gibraltar' Period 1898-1907
      British currency 1907-1956
      Spanish currency 1907-1956
      French currency 1917-1938
      Tangier International Zone 1927-1957
100 Centimos = 1 Peseta
12 Pence = 1 Shilling
20 Shillings = 1 Pound
100 Centimes = 1 Franc
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